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How much does a Life and Estate Plan cost?

There is no "flat fee" for a Life and Estate Plan for a client because there are so many variables that go into the planning process. After the initial consultation, we can nearly always provide a flat fee or at least an estimate of a flat fee to complete the work. Occasionally, a client's estate is sufficiently large and complex that planning is best done in stages. Basic planning and then more sophisticated planning may be required to minimize or eliminate certain special concerns such as large estate taxation. In our opinion, it is inappropriate for an attorney to provide a flat fee for a plan before a consultation with a client to determine what is appropriate and necessary. The fee is based on guiding the client, making recommendations to the client regarding the planning, and preparing and executing the plan as it is customized and tailored to the special needs and concerns of the client. Suffice it to say, no charge is made to any client until it is agreed upon by the client nor is any work performed (other than the consultation without obligation) until an agreement is made. The client must be very certain that he or she sees the value in the planning to be done and agrees to the fee arrangements proposed.

Occasionally, in special circumstances, it is possible that an hourly fee may be charged, although most often the planning process is done on a flat fee basis. There are no additional charges for telephone conferences and out of pocket expenses except as agreed to by the client. There are some circumstances and some situations such as special real estate issues, corporate formation and related issues to the plan that may best be handled on an hourly basis.

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