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Charitable Giving

For those who are charitably inclined but are not in a financial position to presently give away assets or lose the income those assets may generate, a simple and straightforward possibility is Charitable Gift Planning which provides a gift after your demise to your chosen charities and may also provide you an advantaged income stream during your lifetime with current income tax benefits as well. Although this office does not sell or endorse any specific investment products, you may be well served through the use of a charitable gift annuity or other charitable vehicle to help defer lifetime income and estate death taxes. Please let us know if you would like to know more.

Charitable Organizations
Many charitable organizations and associations are faced with the challenges of fundraising and endowments, which can be daunting tasks. Often supporters of these organizations are not fully aware of the concept that a gift need not be given during lifetime for it to have a significant impact on the organization’s long term goals while at the same time optimizing the person’s planning and taxation options. If you would like to request Carl B. Arlanson or Cheryl Arlanson Russo speak at your organization or charitable association regarding Charitable Gift Planning, please contact us and provide us with information relative to the organization’s charitable purpose as well as the long-term and/or short-term goals.*

*In most instances, we will be honored to assist your organization; however there may be instances when scheduling does not permit. Moreover, the attorneys at Arlanson Law Offices reserve the right to decline any invitation on any grounds in their sole discretion.


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