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How long does it take to put together a Life and Estate Plan?

Most often, we will meet with clients initially our office, at some length, to determine their estate planning priorities and objectives, all without obligation. This initial consultation can be two to three hours in length and enables us to determine what the client's hopes, fears, dreams and aspirations are for their plan. In most instances, after this initial consultation we are able to recommend a Life and Estate Plan for the client and can often quote a fee for legal services in drafting and implementing the plan. Once the client commits to the plan and a fee has been agreed upon, normal processing time would be three to four weeks from initial consultation to completion of the documents and the execution of same. If the plan entails trust planning (which requires funding or re-titling of assets to a trust), that process can take a longer period of time, depending on the particular circumstances of the client.

The preparation of the documents and the execution of same is only the first step in a meaningful Life and Estate Plan for clients who should continually update their plan by reviewing their personal circumstances and priorities. However, substantial completion of the basics of the plan can certainly be in place within a month with follow-up and updating a continuing lifetime process to keep up with the client's needs, priorities and changing circumstances.

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